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Master Key Systems

Leading Locksmiths offer Master Key Systems

What is a Master Key System?

A Master Key System is a means to access all the doors in your property with one key. This can be extremely useful if your live in a home with many lockable doors or if you own a business where you require several lockable doors like a hotel or tenanted property.

The benefits of a Master Key System.

The primary benefit of operating a Master Key System is that individuals do not need to carry around a large bunch of keys. Of course, the main problem with multiple amounts of keys to access different doors, is the increased risk of losing a key or forgetting to bring a certain key to work. Therefore no longer being able to open the door that the particular key was allocated to.

Master Key Systems with Restricted Key Access.

If you have security concerns regarding a Master Key System at all, Leading Locksmiths can provide a restricted system. This means that only you and whom ever you nominate can have a replacement key cut and therefore give you control to how many keys at any one time are available to the locking system.

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