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Added Security Measures

Here at Leading Locksmiths, we want to stress the importance of updating your security measures to every Londoner. Burglaries across the capital are commonplace, and intruders don’t just target houses based on what they believe is inside your property – the first thing they’ll consider is how quickly and easily they can enter the building. To safeguard your premises and stay one step ahead of the criminals in your area, you can improve the overall security of your home or office in just a few easy steps.

Home Security Advice

Strengthen Your Doors

There’s no need to change or replace your door if it’s currently not strong enough to withstand the force of a burglar. Cheap door strike reinforcers such as Birmingham bars and London bars are readily available and easy to install. Birmingham bars strengthen the door frame on the hinge side whereas the strike plate reinforcers of the London variety fit snugly around the rim lock.

A variety of resilient bolts and deadlocks can be installed to ensure that your door is able to withstand greater force. You could also pick up door chains or mount latches and hook mechanisms if needs be. For extra support, consider purchasing a door alarm and a security grille.

These kinds of products don’t have to look unappealing and out of place, either – there is a huge catalogue of door reinforcers on the market that cater for the needs of every homeowner, many of which will complement your interior design.

Consider having an Access Control System fitted – Then only permitted people will enter your home/place of work.

Upgrade Your Window Security

You may have secured your doors, but what about your windows? While you’ve probably taken extra care of your ground floor windows, you may have forgotten about their first-floor counterparts, many of which could be equally as exposed for easy access. If, after further inspection, you find that your windows could do with an upgrade, consider investing in some sturdy window locks as soon as possible and also a security grille for extra peace of mind.

Check Out Your Garage Locks

Like many homeowners, you may store a number of valuables in your garage in order to free your household of everyday clutter. However, your garage locks and handles may be older than you realise and may not comply with contemporary security standards.

If thieves can break into your garage, they may be able to access to your heavy-duty gardening or DIY tools, many of which could be used to break into the house itself. Be smart and check your garage locks regularly.

Above all, make sure that the products you choose are built to British standards and suit the structure of your door. Feel free to call Leading Locksmiths if you need further advice about door reinforcement products, window locks or any other kinds of security devices.