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Access Control Systems

Leading Locksmiths, London can supply and install any Access Control System

A stand alone Access Control System Unit.

Leading Locksmiths, London can supply and install any Access Control System (ACS) for use at either a private residence or business premises. An ACS can be set up to control one or multiple doors. It can help to maintain peace of mind to any resident or member of staff by allowing only permitted people through the door.

By means of activating a code into the key pad the lock to the door will open. Leading Locksmiths can set the code (within the parameters of the individual unit) to whatever code you would like. We would always change the unit from the factory set coding for you however and would also advise not having too easy a code to break ie 1111 or 9999 etc.

Leading Locksmiths can supply and install any hardwired (straight into the electricity circuit board of the building) ACS or battery operated ACS units, for less frequently used doors.

Regular changing of the code to any ACS is another sensible precaution to take. When maintaining the integrity of any security system on a building, changing codes to any door is advisable. Particularly in the event of a member of staff leaving a job or in the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown in a private home.

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