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Burglary Repairs

Most people regard their home as a safe haven, but the risk of being burgled is an unpleasant reality for many Londoners. Regardless of whether it’s their own personal property or a business premises that’s been targeted by criminals, victims will have to contend with the harrowing upset and fear that follows a burglary. But what about the physical costs involved?

If you’ve been burgled, chances are that your property has been damaged during the process. Anyone inside the building at the time will also have been at risk. You may have to repair windows, doors and security fittings as a matter of course, but worst of all your original locking systems may have been destroyed.

Leading Locksmiths understands that this can be a hugely upsetting time for anyone, which is why we offer an immediate response to customers asking for assistance with burglary repairs. It doesn’t matter how badly your building has been damaged – we will ensure that, following a visit, your building will be properly secured and you’ll be 100% satisfied with our services.

Lock Repairs

Our locksmiths in Central London will assess your property and the amount of damage sustained to be able to offer the best remedial action. For ultimate peace of mind, we’ll advise you as to the best ways to protect your property to reduce the risk of future break-ins.

The efficiency of our service depends on the individual circumstances. We may be able to source and install your British standard replacement locks on site straightaway, but in many cases we may have to replace your door (which again can be supplied and fitted by Leading Locksmiths).

If the burglary was particularly aggressive, we may decide to add extra security measures to deter thieves. Sometimes the best immediate action is to board up broken windows and doors and leave the premises secure until the necessary work has been carried out. If this is the case, we will aim to complete this task within 24 hours.