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Summer Security Advice For Your Home

Summer security for your home | Leading Locksmiths, Central LondonLeading Locksmiths would like to offer advice on Summer security for your home. We will cover the key elements to securing your home for the Summer period. However, should you feel that you would like further advice on home security then please do not hesitate to contact us on

0208 977 4886.

Secure Your Shed

If you are fortunate enough to own a property with a garden, chances are you will also own a garden shed. Within the shed many people store expensive items of equipment for both the garden and general use. The family bicycles, the lawn mower, the hedge cutter, manual garden tools etc. The total value of these items could quite easily be more than £2,500. Consequently, it is essential that you adequately secure the garden shed. Ensure that you have a sturdy and good quality padlock and chain to lock the doors. Make sure that the shed doors shut properly. This means that the doors must shut flush up to each other and also flush to the hinges, to minimize the chance of them being prized open. If you have a window on the shed, consider boarding it up from the inside. If you would prefer not such a permanent change to the window, at least cover it over from the inside. This will prevent prying eyes from viewing the contents of your shed.

Lock Your Windows

Most people will always shut and lock the windows on the ground floor of their property, if going out for the day. However, if the weather is expected to be hot then first floor windows are often left open to allow a air through the home. From a security point of view, this is not wise practice. Even on the first floor, not shutting a window open can be an open invitation to a potential burglar. It could even deem your home insurance invalid, should the worst happen. The safest scenario is always to shut and lock all of your windows, no matter which floor of your property they are on.

Lock Your Front Door

Locking the front door is general practice by everyone, when leaving home for the door. If you are planning a day working in the garden over the Summer, do you normally lock the door then though? Perhaps you should. In the time it takes to complete a noisy task at the rear of your property, for example cutting the hedge, a burglar would have plenty of time to slip into your home and get away with potentially hundreds of pounds of your possessions. It is always wise to shut and lock your back door if you are planning to spend any length of time out of ear shot of your front door.

Preparation For Going Away On Holiday

Making it appear as though you are still at home is the key to good home security if you are going away on holiday. Below is a list of ideas to help you secure your home, whilst you are away.

  • Install timer switches to as many interior and exterior lights as you can – Ensure they are all set to come on and go off at different times, including through the night.
  • Ask a trusted friend/neighbour to collect your post and place it out of sight of the front door/windows. If this is not possible, consider having your post redirected for the duration of your holiday. You can do this at Royal Mail or pop into your local Post Office, in advance of your trip.
  • Arrange for all hanging baskets and/or potted plants at the front of your property to be watered, so that they don’t wither up.
  •  Cancel the milk round. Ever increasing numbers of pints of milk, building up on your doorstep are a tell tale sign that you are not at home!
  • NEVER state on any social media site, that you are away on holiday. A dishonest character would be able to find out your address with relative ease, depending on your privacy settings. If you have stated that you are ‘Away for 2 weeks in Spain’ for example, the potential burglar would then know exactly how much time they have to empty your house of anything valuable!

Should you require any further help regarding home security then please get in touch with Leading Locksmiths and we will be very happy to help you.

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