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Security For Listed Buildings

Leading Locksmiths bringing you security advice for your listed building in London

Grade 1 listed building in London

The Crime Prevention Website have recently reported on the importance of Communal door security. Particularly if you live in an area where the buildings are of an older style architecture and the building listing status makes adaptations for security more difficult. Leading Locksmiths would like to offer some advice on securing older and in particular Listed properties.


Putting security grilles on the windows of a Grade 2 listed property will be difficult. Planning permission would be required. However security grilles on the windows and/or doors of a Grade 1 listed property would be almost impossible! That is not to say that you cannot do anything though. Although you will need to check whether or not planning permission is needed you could opt for a secondary glazing. If you have stained glass windows around your solid wooden Victorian/Georgian door, then potentially a would be burglar could simply smash the glass and gain entry to your house by reaching around the door. If, however you have inserted a solid sheet of polycarbonate or security rated laminated glass on the inside of the window pane, then an extra level of security is present. Do of course, ensure that you lock the door and remove the keys from the lock for extra security.


The correct choice of lock and/or combination of locks is important for the security of your property. But it can be more difficult to get this right on an older property. Mainly because of the restrictions laid down by English Heritage and the other governing bodies regarding what you can and cannot change and/or add to your property if it is Listed. Leading Locksmiths are happy to discuss any of your security needs should you wish to. Enabling you to select the correct British Insurance Approved specification for your property and thereby keeping your household insurance valid.Leading Locksmiths - Central London

Further Security

‘Minor Works –
There are some standard external fixtures that require listed building consent when they affect the character of a listed building. These include satellite dishes, meter boxes, burglar alarms, security and other external lighting, CCTV cameras, door furniture, nameplates, signs and advertisements, central heating and other flues. Only non-damaging and visually unobtrusive positions for such fixtures should be agreed.’

The above statement is a direct quote from (pdf download) ‘Advice for owners and occupiers of Listed Buildings ‘ produced by Lancaster City Council regarding living in a Listed building. As we can see, it is not impossible to improve your home security, when you live in a listed building but always double check with the appropriate authority as listed below …

Should you require any further assistance on the information above, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 977 4886

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