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Security Tips and Advice

Leading Locksmiths security tips for your property.Leading Locksmiths  would like to offer some helpful security tips for your home and/or business premises where applicable.

Fit British Insurance Approved Locks.

Having the correct locks fitted to all access doors not only enables more secure entry/exit points but could even save you money on your insurance premiums! Leading Locksmiths are able to supply and fit the right locks for your security needs in order to keep your property safe.

Ensure you have good exterior lighting around your property.

It is always a good idea to install an outside light in close proximity of both your front and rear doors. A system that is activated by a motion sensor is ideal. Not only does this pose as a deterrent to potential burglars but it also makes it safer for you to access your property as you can see where you are going and easily find your keys to get into to your home/work place in the light. If you already have an exterior light then ensure it is regularly maintained so that it always works properly. Our blog post on outdoor security may also be of help which you can read here.

Install door security furniture.

Being able to view a caller at your door without opening the door is advisable for everyone but can be extremely reassuring to more vulnerable members of society like the elderly living alone. Door Spyholes and door chains are an excellent choice and if you already have them fitted, use them. Always ask to see a trades person’s ID and keep the door chain in place until you are satisfied that the caller is whom they say they are. If you are in anyway unsure of the validity of the ID, you can either ring the appropriate professional body, or you can phone your local Police Non-Emergency telephone number. Remember – You do not have to open your front door if you don’t want to!

Fit window locks.

Windows are another potential point of entry to your home/work place so it is important that windows are as secure as possible. There are a number of options available and once again, this could even lower your home/business insurance premiums. Have window locks fitted on all floors, not just the ground floor.

Home security if you’re going away.

It is rapidly approaching that time of year when many of us go and visit family over the festive period. There are a number of simple ways in which you can protect your property whilst away. Here are some tips that Leading Locksmiths think will be helpful:

  • Invest in a series of timer switches for lights and set them all differently.
  • Ask a neighbour to collect post and open and close your curtains whilst you are away.
  • Cancel your milk order – Having 5 pints of milk on your door step is a sure give away to burglars that nobody is at home.
  • Place a large dog bowl by your front door – Burglars do not like properties with dogs, particularly big ones!
  • Purchase a ‘Fake TV Light’. A handy gadget that makes it look from the outside, like someone is watching television inside and works on a timer switch. The link was the most cost effective option but feel free to shop around.
  • Hide valuables and keys (including car keys) somewhere safely – Ideally in a home safe out of sight.

Leading Locksmiths hope that this advice is of use to you and should you require any further guidance then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can also see our ‘Added Security Measures‘ page.

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