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National Home Security Month – Outdoor Security

Leading Locksmiths advise a sturdy padlock should be fitted to your garden shed.The National Home Security Month (NHSM) scheme is this week concentrating on ‘Outdoor Security’. With darker evenings and therefore longer nights the NHSM site is encouraging residents to take extra security measures in and around their homes. Sheds and garages are at risk but there are things you can do to make these out buildings more secure. The NHSM scheme suggests that a sturdy, weatherproof padlock should always be fitted to your shed door. High value items such as lawn mowers can be secured within the shed using a cable and anchor locks. Garage doors should be fitted with high quality locks and Leading Locksmiths can advise and fit extra security to your garage doors such as door reinforcements and also supply and fit window locks for your garage and/or shed if required.


Mobile homes and caravans are also items outside that need to be protected from potential theft. There are a number of alarms on the market that are free standing and can be either fixed in place or rested on a shelf inside the mode of transport. By displaying a sticker in the window of your caravan/mobile home, you are adding an extra deterrent.

If you would like any help or advice regarding any home security issues then please do not hesitate to contact Leading Locksmiths.

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Leading Locksmiths offer advice on Garage Door Locks on our Added Security Page.

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