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National Home Security Month – Future Home Security

Digital Lock October is National Home Security Month and each week certain areas of home security have been looked at. Leading Locksmiths have been giving an overview of the useful tips from the site to make individuals more aware of home security in general. Each week has had a different theme to it and this, the final week of the scheme, is focusing Future Home Security.

CCTV is suggested by the NHSM program and can of course give peace of mind with accessible information whilst you are out of your home because the system can be wired to your property’s router. This gives you access to the CCTV images from your tablet and/or smart phone.

Digital locks are worth researching, particularly if you have a lot of visitors that need access to your property. You are able to input temporary codes and then delete them quickly and easily so gone are the days of having multiple amounts of keys cut to your front door and then having to retrieve them all again!

Digital door viewers are another useful way to protect your home from intruders. 11,500 homes, according to the home office, fall victim to to robbery from bogus callers every year in the UK. By checking on the caller without even having to be near the door itself, you can simply not answer the door. A large viewing screen makes it invaluable for people of all ages to use the system including children and the elderly.

Should you require any assistance with your home and/or work place security then you can either view our added security page or get in touch with Leading Locksmiths directly.

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With thanks for the photograph of the Digital Lock to  Waycool27 at the English Wikipedia project.

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